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Gilbert Claes ... art photographer of abstract minimalist suprematic deconstructivism ...

Gilbert Claes describes himself as “the painting photographer”…
He likes to call his abstract and modern art photos, with a particular focus on modern, deconstructivist architecture.
He is a passionate follower of "suprematism" ... an abstract art movement based on lines, shapes and surfaces such as circles, rectangles and triangles.
He cuts the geometric shapes from his environment and makes them visible. Abstract art where the emphasis is mainly on the artistic feeling and not so much on the visual perception of the forms themselves.
His photography art lives and breathes through the use of vibrant colors and strong contrasts.
It is often a testimony to "visual art of minimalism" ...

He wants his art photos to be pure emotion through his simplicity and pure beauty and purity. Architecture in its abstraction and that every detail photo of a building carries itself as part of the whole.
Gilbert Claes fans can immediately recognize his photos by the way they fill each room through the perfect color balance and balanced compositions ...

Occasionally he alternates abstract subjects with atmospheric nature images and catchy street scenes. Here the aesthetic experience is central, or the power of interpretation of the photo.
By becoming a member of several leading international photosites, his reputation grew and his creativity was sharpened.
He is also "crew member" of a well-known and renowned artistic photosite… There he is manager of the Abstract Group. This site is the world leader in selected photos for publication by professional curators.

This resulted in several awards, exhibitions and publications in photo magazines at home and abroad.

Among others: - New York and Paris 2015: "See Me" festival 2015
- KRANJ: 6th international fine Arts festival 2017
- Shanghai: International exhibition in the "World
Financial Center 2018

"It is an illusion that photos are taken with the camera ... they are taken by the eye, the heart and the head ..." (Henri Cartier-Bresson)
At the moment, photography has become not only my passion ... but a lifestyle


Canon 90D

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